Wakame seaweed salad with salmon, sesame and onion


WAKAME SEAWEED SALAD WITH SALMON, SESAME AND ONION Discover the value of seaweed this month. Here I present one of my favourite recipes, which is very low in carbohydrate and combines the goodness of sea food with the contrasting taste of land products, such as onions and sesame seeds. It is quick and ideal to make every week! ingredients 1 pack of 100 gr of dried Wakame seaweed100 gr of fresh salmon2 tablespoons of white or roasted sesame seeds20 gr of dried onion30 ml of soya sauce15 ml Japanese mirin vinegar15 ml sesame oiljuice of one lemon. preparation Hydrate [...]

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Light salat with salmon and non-lactose cheese


Light salat with salmon and non-lactose cheese ingredients Lightly salted salmon 300 gNon-lactose cheese 350 gArugula 50 grGreen salad 50 gr4 Cherry tomato½ PaprikaJuice of ½ lemon1 sp Olive oilSalt, pepper to taste preparation Cut the cheese into cubes.Slice the salmon.Finely chop the paprica into semicircles.Cut the tomatoes in half.Mix all ingredients with arugula and green salat and season with olive oil and lemon juice.Add salt and pepper to taste. nutritional values (per 100gr.) CALORIES: 327Kcal. FAT: 16 gr. PROTEIN: 35,9 gr. CARB: 6 gr.

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Fitness beef burger


Fitness beef burger ingredients 200 g ground beef 1 onion ¼  cup chopped fresh basil, cilantro or parsley salt, pepper to taste Other ingredients:  whole-wheat burger buns, slice of cheese, lettuce, slices of tomate, slices of red onion. preparation Chop your onions and herbs. Put all your ingredients together in a big bowl. Mix thoroughly with your hands — get right in there! Heat a pan on medium-high until it gets hot. You shouldn’t need to add any oil. Put the meat in pan. Cook 6 minutes per side to let it brown on the bottom. Now stack a [...]

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Meat Muffins


Meat Muffins ingredients 300 g beef mince 2 tbsp oat bran 50 ml skimmed milk 1 egg salt and pepper to taste preparation Pour oat bran with milk and leave to 20 min. Then mix all ingredients together and place to small silicome forms. Bake about 40 min in pre - heated oven 180C. nutritional values (per 100gr.) CALORIES: 140.6 Kcal. FAT: 6.3 gr. PROTEIN: 15.9 gr. CARB: 5.8 gr.

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