"Biological immortality" TEXT: EDUARDO FRANCO PHOTOGRAPHY AND ILUSTRATIONS: ANDRÉS VAQUERO Can we utilise telomerase to allow us to live in good health indefinitely? We have already talked about the natural and man-made conditions (forced or voluntary: such as glycation, length of telomeres, various pollutants and stress) that limit a long, active life (we are not interested in any other kind of existence here besides one that is active and creative, rewarding, useful and supportive of others; it is about getting as close as possible to the Greco-Latin ideal - practical and valuable - healthy mind [...]

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From here to inmortality


FROM HERE TO IMMORTALITY Since the beginning of time, man has wondered why he grows old and eventually dies. Until now nobody could answer this question. However, in recent decades a leading group of ideological geneticists has begun to give some accurate-looking answers. Their experiments are authentic and have produced ever-stronger evidence. Aubrey De Grey, a leading expert in this field, believes there are some people alive today who will still be alive in the year 3000. Is this possible? Maybe. How could it be achieved? He suggests the answer lies in learning about the seven components [...]

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Many of today’s tycoons refuse to get old


"Many of today's tycoons refuse to get old" THIS IS THE TAKE ON AGEING OF SOME OF THE MOST RICH AND POPULAR MEN OF THE MOMENT In case you didn’t know, now you do. The annual list of the richest people in the world published by FORBES magazine includes fewer and fewer owners of large traditional companies. Among the top ten of the world there are no longer names belonging to oil companies, car companies or giant food chains; no Ford, General Motors, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Carrefour or Cadbury’s. All the supreme tycoons of today [...]

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