Aesthetics, Health & Functionality


Aesthetics, Health & Functionality: The Three Advantages Of Weight Training. Can You Achieve Them All?  Health Is The Most Important Side Of The Fitness Triangle, And Also The One That Gives Us The Longest Lasting Benefits "Get the body you are longing for", "Build muscle [...]

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THE NEW SUPERHUMAN “Transhumanism assures it’s already at our disposal” Transhumanism, meaning what is beyond human, is a movement that seeks the transformation and improvement of the human being through technology. What it basically wants is to achieve the modification of our body, thereby increasing [...]

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The Hayflick Limit


The Hayflick Limit The Hayflick Limit: is it the key to the length of life? We have talked in previous editions about that this limit but because it is so important let's recap. American microbiologist and anatomist Leonard Hayflick, who is currently [...]

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"Biological immortality" Can we utilise telomerase to allow us to live in good health indefinitely? We have already talked about the natural and man-made conditions (forced or voluntary: such as glycation, length of telomeres, various pollutants and stress) that limit a long, active life (we are [...]

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From here to inmortality


FROM HERE TO IMMORTALITY Since the beginning of time, man has wondered why he grows old and eventually dies. Until now nobody could answer this question. However, in recent decades a leading group of ideological geneticists has begun to give some accurate-looking answers. Their experiments are authentic [...]

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Many of today’s tycoons refuse to get old


"Many of today's tycoons refuse to get old" THIS IS THE TAKE ON AGEING OF SOME OF THE MOST RICH AND POPULAR MEN OF THE MOMENT In case you didn’t know, now you do. The annual list of the richest people in the world published by [...]

Many of today’s tycoons refuse to get old2023-03-16T08:27:19+02:00


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