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ALGAS EL PRODUCTO QUE PUEDE CAMBIAR EL FUTURO DE LA ALIMENTACIÓN Text: Armando S. Márquez photos: Raymond Cassar / Josef Adlt / Seamore There are more than 10,000  species of seaweed at our disposal and it could be the product that allows us to solve the problems of our food system. Companies like Seamore are revolutionizing shopping carts products made from seaweed and ... they are not going to stop! If you are serious about fitness, you will have noticed from your trips to the supermarket more and more products made with dehydrated [...]




How many times a week should you train a muscle? TEXT: JOSE MARIA GARCIA PHOTOGRAPHY AND ILUSTRATIONS: JOSEF ADLT / RAYMOND CASSAR EVERYTHING DEPENDS on your answers to some initial key questions. The fact is, if you wish to make gains you have to take into account a number of factors. For developing your physique, there are 3 things to consider: Stimulus (training) Nutrition (meals) Recovery time (i.e. rest) In other words, the process of growth depends on a chain of events. Firstly, training provides the stimulus that forces your body to adapt and change. The [...]




INFINITE SETS TEXT: EDUARDO FRANCO PHOTOGRAPHY AND ILUSTRATIONS: RAYMOND CASSAR/JOSEF ADLT/ ANDRÉS VAQUERO WHAT IS AN INFINITE SET? It is a set with no defined end, which becomes increasingly more difficult and taxing. It is the most intense type of high intensity training you can perform in the short term and which then allows the body time to recover in order to avoid overtraining, a common mistake by many people who do too many sets and lift excessive weights over a period of weeks and even months. Don’t confuse infinite sets with circuit training. With circuit [...]

INFINITE SETS2023-09-03T20:41:51+02:00



"Biological immortality" TEXT: EDUARDO FRANCO PHOTOGRAPHY AND ILUSTRATIONS: ANDRÉS VAQUERO Can we utilise telomerase to allow us to live in good health indefinitely? We have already talked about the natural and man-made conditions (forced or voluntary: such as glycation, length of telomeres, various pollutants and stress) that limit a long, active life (we are not interested in any other kind of existence here besides one that is active and creative, rewarding, useful and supportive of others; it is about getting as close as possible to the Greco-Latin ideal - practical and valuable - healthy mind [...]

BIOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY2023-09-03T20:07:21+02:00

NITRIC OXIDE protects your heart and also helps you grow


Nitric Oxide protects your heart and also helps you grow TEXT: EDUARDO FRANCOPHOTOS: RAYMOND CASSAR Nitric oxide supplements are currently riding the crest of the wave.They are marketed as a source of inexhaustible muscular energy that guarantee results by increasing blood flow and quickly supplying nutrients to the muscles. They have also been shown to increase growth hormone production when accompanied by exercise.These claims are supported by facts: nitric oxide supplements have been shown to increase the width of the veins and capillaries, and therefore increases blood flow, which can aid physical performance and lead to remarkable improvements in the [...]

NITRIC OXIDE protects your heart and also helps you grow2023-07-05T22:29:40+02:00

Wakame seaweed salad with salmon, sesame and onion


WAKAME SEAWEED SALAD WITH SALMON, SESAME AND ONION Discover the value of seaweed this month. Here I present one of my favourite recipes, which is very low in carbohydrate and combines the goodness of sea food with the contrasting taste of land products, such as onions and sesame seeds. It is quick and ideal to make every week! ingredients 1 pack of 100 gr of dried Wakame seaweed100 gr of fresh salmon2 tablespoons of white or roasted sesame seeds20 gr of dried onion30 ml of soya sauce15 ml Japanese mirin vinegar15 ml sesame oiljuice of one lemon. preparation Hydrate [...]

Wakame seaweed salad with salmon, sesame and onion2023-07-05T22:00:34+02:00

The magnificent 5 for building muscle


The MAGNIFICENT 5 for building muscle THE EXERCISES THAT WORK BETTER THAN ANY OTHER FOR INCREASED STRENGTH AND MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT THE 5 MOST EFFECTIVE EXERCISES OF ALL TIME The deadlift was the first of the five lifts to be performed. It requires the most basic movement of all: raising a load from the ground and standing up straight. Pull-ups came later: they developed from using the arms to see things or people on the horizon. The squat emerged at about the same time: it consisted of pushing against a load, carrying it on the shoulders or dragging it. The military press was [...]

The magnificent 5 for building muscle2023-06-12T21:15:19+02:00

Light salat with salmon and non-lactose cheese


Light salat with salmon and non-lactose cheese ingredients Lightly salted salmon 300 gNon-lactose cheese 350 gArugula 50 grGreen salad 50 gr4 Cherry tomato½ PaprikaJuice of ½ lemon1 sp Olive oilSalt, pepper to taste preparation Cut the cheese into cubes.Slice the salmon.Finely chop the paprica into semicircles.Cut the tomatoes in half.Mix all ingredients with arugula and green salat and season with olive oil and lemon juice.Add salt and pepper to taste. nutritional values (per 100gr.) CALORIES: 327Kcal. FAT: 16 gr. PROTEIN: 35,9 gr. CARB: 6 gr.

Light salat with salmon and non-lactose cheese2023-06-12T20:39:04+02:00

5 Keys to fat loss


5 KEYS TO FAT LOSS Sometimes it is not clear what to do in the quest to lose fat. We mean fat rather than weight because it is this type of body tissue (fat = adipose tissue) that people usually mean when they say “I want to lose weight”. Most bodybuilders have the mindset to lose fat but it’s still best to be clear about the difference between losing fat and weight. Let’s look briefly at the factors that most frequently prevent the human body getting rid of fat. 1. DIETING (BURNING MORE CALORIES THAN YOU EAT)It [...]

5 Keys to fat loss2023-06-12T19:58:54+02:00

From here to inmortality


FROM HERE TO IMMORTALITY Since the beginning of time, man has wondered why he grows old and eventually dies. Until now nobody could answer this question. However, in recent decades a leading group of ideological geneticists has begun to give some accurate-looking answers. Their experiments are authentic and have produced ever-stronger evidence. Aubrey De Grey, a leading expert in this field, believes there are some people alive today who will still be alive in the year 3000. Is this possible? Maybe. How could it be achieved? He suggests the answer lies in learning about the seven components [...]

From here to inmortality2023-06-12T19:27:08+02:00


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