Can you run to build muscle?


Can you run to build muscle? We’ve heard of running as a method to help lose fat more than once, but this time we present it as an exercise that will help you gain strength and size.And it’s not the running itself, but rather how [...]

Can you run to build muscle?2024-03-29T14:08:34+02:00

All-inclusive ABS in 3 Steps


All-inclusive ABS in 3 Steps Achieving firm abs and a slim waist is more a diet thing than an exercise thing. In order for your six-pack to show up and your middle section to get smaller, your caloric consumption must be larger than your intake. [...]

All-inclusive ABS in 3 Steps2024-02-27T01:35:43+02:00

Understanding the Mechanisms of Hypertrophy for Effective Muscle Building


Understanding the Mechanisms ofHypertrophy for Effective Muscle Building In the pursuit of sculpting a strong and muscular physique, understanding the mechanisms of hypertrophy is paramount. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, coach, or trainer, delving into the science behind muscle growth can [...]

Understanding the Mechanisms of Hypertrophy for Effective Muscle Building2024-01-15T01:17:31+02:00

All About Curls


All about CURLS The curl is a classic movement in which you attach a straight bar, Z bar or V bar to a pulley or use a dumbbell, and work that showy biceps muscle whose size and peak attracts so much attention. If you [...]

All About Curls2023-12-06T01:04:55+02:00



INFINITE SETS WHAT IS AN INFINITE SET? It is a set with no defined end, which becomes increasingly more difficult and taxing. It is the most intense type of high intensity training you can perform in the short term and which then allows the body time to [...]

INFINITE SETS2023-12-05T23:38:36+02:00

The magnificent 5 for building muscle


The MAGNIFICENT 5 for building muscle THE EXERCISES THAT WORK BETTER THAN ANY OTHER FOR INCREASED STRENGTH AND MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT THE 5 MOST EFFECTIVE EXERCISES OF ALL TIME The deadlift was the first of the five lifts to be performed. It requires the most basic movement of all: raising a load [...]

The magnificent 5 for building muscle2023-06-12T21:15:19+02:00



SHOULDER and ARM day Until not too many years ago, talking about arm and shoulder training for women seemed a taboo topic. Women used to exercise their glutes and legs with great intensity, also their waists and a little bit of chest, limiting themselves, that is, to a [...]

SHOULDER and ARM day2023-03-22T10:51:52+02:00


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