NITRIC OXIDE protects your heart and also helps you grow


Nitric Oxide protects your heart and also helps you grow TEXT: EDUARDO FRANCOPHOTOS: RAYMOND CASSAR Nitric oxide supplements are currently riding the crest of the wave.They are marketed as a source of inexhaustible muscular energy that guarantee results by increasing blood flow and quickly supplying nutrients to the muscles. They have also been shown to increase growth hormone production when accompanied by exercise.These claims are supported by facts: nitric oxide supplements have been shown to increase the width of the veins and capillaries, and therefore increases blood flow, which can aid physical performance and lead to remarkable improvements in the [...]

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MYOSTATIN & RAPAMYCIN We are constantly discovering new ways to improve the health of our bodies and the way they look. So let’s consider, briefly and simply, the importance of RAPAMYCIN (also known as sirolimus) , THE PROTEIN mTOR and MYOSTATIN. A couple of geneticists discovered the myostatin gene more than 20 years ago. They found that mice that did not possess myostatin had almost twice as much muscle mass as other mice. Deficiencies of the same gene in other animals, including humans, were subsequently discovered. The visible consequences? Impressive increases in muscle size. News of this [...]

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BUTYRIC Acid, Healthy Intestines


BUTYRIC Acid, Healthy Intestines You may not have heard much about this molecule, but very soon we’re sure to hear more and more about it. This is due to the properties of Butyric acid that are currently being discovered. WE’D LIKE TO INTRODUCE butyric acid by saying that it’s the shortest fat chain of all. The chain is composed of 4 carbon atoms, which establish their molecule length as a short chain Fatty Acid. In human nutrition, so far we know only of three of their kind: butyric acid, propionic acid and acetic acid. This characteristic makes [...]

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