The IFBB Academy carries out educational activities on the five continents, unifying teaching criteria’s worldwide.

The IFBB Academy trains new generations of coaches and specialists with internationally proven training and nutrition techniques. These programs are backed by the guarantee, the prestige and experience of the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness.

These educational programs are aimed to cover the incessant demand of trainers and monitors by a society in which the awareness of the importance of a healthy life and the necessity to combat the problems of a sedentary lifestyle, is continuously increasing, through the incorporation of exercise habits, lifestyle and fitness nutrition. We also cover the most specialized areas of high performance in fitness, bodybuilding and applied bodybuilding.

The IFBB Academy Courses open the way for athletes and Bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts to the exciting adventure of working and making a profession of the sport they love, contributing to the improvement of health and fitness for all and to the promotion of Fitness lifestyle.

The IFBB offers you three types of courses


With many Academies through IFBB-affiliated countries and with the mission of teaching, certifying and guiding future great professionals in the Fitness industry with the most comprehensive certification program available.



  • The IFBB Academy has designed a series of new e-learning courses supported by new communication technologies that compliment its traditional teaching programs, being perfectly compatible with them.
  • The new e-learning courses allow you to obtain valuable knowledge online, comfortably from your home, without the need to travel and with all the prestige and recognition of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.
  • Live classes, not recorded.


“Aprender nutrición con IFBB Academy ha sido muy fácil. Ahora puedo cuidar de mí y de mi familia”

Angela Oramas , Colombia
“Ser um Personal Trainer era meu grande objetivo. Graças ao curso da IFBB Academy, consegui me formar, estudando no meu tempo libre”

Jair Laroche, Brazil

“After completing the Abdominal Training Course, I have more knowledge to advise my students about how to improve their sports performance”

Mohammad Al Abbas, EAU
“El Bodybuilding es mi pasión y, con el Master de IFBB Academy, se ha convertido también en mi profesión. Complemento mi trabajo en un club deportivo con el asesoramiento a atletas de competición”

Edgard López, Spain
“Sportsmenki ozhidali takoi kurs ot Akademii IFBB, chtoby uluchshit’ svoi rezultaty na sorevnovaniah”

Alla Petrova, Russia

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