Online Course: Specialist in Abdominal Training

The ultimate techniques to become a guru in a strong middle zone and impressive 6 packs.

Online Course: Specialist in Abdominal Training


The ultimate techniques to become a guru in a strong middle zone and impressive 6 packs.



Online Course: Specialist in Abdominal Training

The abdominal training specialist course has been developed by Professor Mauricio de Arruda Campos, IFBB Director of Education. Author of several books on this subject, and after 2 years of extensive research through scientific publications and collaboration with various professionals around the world, the Professor developed and organized a course focused very efficiently and specifically on abdominal training. The aim was to create a course that provides the student with a consistent reference to the middle zone and the famous 6 packs. For this reason, the course includes all the necessary items for a complete and updated knowledge on the variables that influence the efficiency, safety and intensity of abdominal exercises.



It is necessary for the professionals of the Physical Education the planning, organization, supervision and accompaniment of the physical education programs. And for nutrition experts, organizing planning, supervising direction in food, nutrition and nutritional supplements.

Hourly charge: 30 hours

Suitable public: Open to all interested parties, over 18 years of age (or under the authorization of the parents or guardian)

Language: Spanish, English, Portuguese

Certificate: Internationally recognized

Course material: Files in PDF format that can be printed or viewed on the screens. All educational material for this course is the property of the IFBB.



  • Desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet access and an email address
  • PDF reading and document creation software in Word or PDF


Once payment is done, you will receive the codes to access into the course.

  • If you make payment through PayPal, these codes will be automatically sent to your email once payment is completed.
  • If you wire the payment through bank transfer, the access codes will be sent to you once ifbb academy verifies that payment has been received correctly; this process is slower and depends on your bank (may take from 24h to several days).

The work program for this on-line course is as follows:

  • The course comprises two modules.
  • Each module consists of one part dedicated to notes and the possibility of making questions about them to our teachers (via e-mail), and a second part which is a test with multiple choice answers.
    • You have an hour to take this test; you need to achieve a minimum of 60% correct questions for passing it.
    • Should you pass the test, you will access to the next module; in case you fail it, we will give you one more single chance to take another test; should you neither pass it, you will  not be able to continue the course. 
    • For the case you decide to subscribe again, starting the course from the beginning, it will cost you 50% of its price.
    • It is compulsory to pass the two modules in order to complete the course.
    • This methodology will be the same for each of the two modules.
  • The maximum period for completing the course is 1 year. From the end of this period, you will not be able to continue and you will have to subscribe again.

The certification you will be sent once you have completed all the required activities in the course is an IFBB international certification.



  • You need to make payment of each deferred payments on the indicated dates in order to finish the course and receive the Diploma
  • If you wish to make payment before the due date you can do it from the section My Account -> Scheduled Orders


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