All-inclusive ABS in 3 Steps

Categories: TRAININGPublished On: February 15th, 2024

Achieving firm abs and a slim waist is more a diet thing than an exercise thing. In order for your six-pack to show up and your middle section to get smaller, your caloric consumption must be larger than your intake. That’s why it’s no use to accumulate abs exercises, as they are already being used in every move that imply stabilizing your body, that is, practically all of them.

The system we present here today is not only useful for giving an extra push to those flabby, limp abs. It’s also a universal workout routine for your middle section. You can do it anytime, even on leg day, or do every exercise described here after shoulder and arms, or chest and back, that is, 3 to 5 sets of middle-high reps or 30 to 45 seconds for planks.


Hanging from a bar, hands at shoulder-width and with a firm grip, and your body stretched out, you contract the abs to elevate your legs (bending your knees or not, depending on your flexibility, but never leaving them totally outstretched) until slightly above the parallel line to the ground. Descend your legs while holding back.


Lying on the ground face up, with your thighs in the air and knees bent. Hold your hand over your chest or behind your neck, without pulling your head, and crunch your abs strongly, without separating the torso from the ground (you move only about 2 inches, max), nor relying on momentum. Return to the starting position while holding back.


Face down on the ground, keep your body stretched out, toes leaning on the ground, arms bent forwards, supporting the torso on your elbows and with your head aligned with your body. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds, without varying the position, dropping your lower back or rising your head.


Leaning on the elbow of one bent arm with your body perpendicular to the ground, keep it outstretched with your feet, one above the other on the ground. When you get tired of leaning on one, you swap sides, holding the same position. You can do two sets (20 to 30 seconds each set) per arm, that is, four in total.