PILATES: 7 benefits for fitness athletes

Categories: LIFESTYLEPublished On: January 15th, 2024

Created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates at the beginning of the twentieth century, this physical and mental training system, originally called Contrology – because it involves the control of the mind over the body – has become one of the most widely used techniques in the world to improve muscle tone and mind-body balance. Based on movements inspired by a baby and a cat, it combines physical and mental training guidelines based on gymnastics, tai-chi, and yoga. Because of its obvious benefits, it has become one of the most common disciplines in gyms, with many fitness and bodybuilding athletes among those performing it. Here are seven benefits for weight trainers:

  1. It relaxes muscles

Like any exercise, Pilates generates endorphins – hormones that make you feel happy and energetic. The exercises clear your mind and reduce stress, and they also stretch the muscles and help them to recover them from weight-training workouts.

  1. It increases strength and suppleness

The postures and the moves to achieve them are proven to improve strength and elasticity of all the muscle groups trained. Your muscle fibres will recover better, which will enable you to train heavier if that is your goal.

Connect with your muscles. Practicing Pilates will help you to isolate each muscle and contract it whenever you want.

  1. Better connection with your muscles

One of the key characteristics of Pilates is the connection it creates between body and mind, due to the combination of muscular work and breathing. This should enable you to feel a greater connection with your muscles, which will allow you to isolate them better and feel more in control of them. This will be of great benefit when you use them in the weights room.

  1. Better sleep

Pilates helps you fall asleep better, thanks to the relaxation that comes with focusing on your breathing technique and contracting the muscles. Although it is not advisable to practice it just before going to bed, doing it at any time should help you relax better at bedtime and sleep better.

  1. Prevent injuries

The exercises are suitable for all types of people regardless of physical condition, since they can be adapted to your level of ability and you can progress gradually. So it is not only very difficult to get injured, but it will also help you to overcome ailments and even some joint or muscle problems, since it helps to strengthen the extremities of the body without risking damage to the joints.

Correct your body posture with Pilates exercises.

Weight training will help you to build a strong back but Pilates will help you to avoid any injury problems so it is the perfect complement.

  1. Correct your posture

Sedentary jobs combined with hours spent lying on the sofa at home can cause neck and back problems. Pilates exercises particularly target the back and abdomen muscles, which helps to tone the body and improves sitting posture. You will be able to walk more erect and avoid dangerous bad posture when it comes to lifting the free weights.

  1. It’s the perfect complement to your training

Pilates is a perfect complementary technique for people who lift weights, as well as for cardiovascular exercise enthusiasts. To do it while travelling requires little more than a mat. It will help to keep your muscles toned, although more and more hotels offer space to practice it, such as the Barceló Illetas Albatros hotel, in Mallorca, which allows its clients to do Pilates sessions in front of the Mediterranean.