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MYOSTATIN & RAPAMYCIN We are constantly discovering new ways to improve the health of our bodies and the way they look. So let’s consider, briefly and simply, the importance of RAPAMYCIN (also known as sirolimus) , THE PROTEIN mTOR and MYOSTATIN. A couple of geneticists discovered the myostatin gene more than 20 years ago. They found that mice that did not possess myostatin had almost twice as much muscle mass as other mice. Deficiencies of the same gene in other animals, including humans, were subsequently discovered. The visible consequences? Impressive increases in muscle size. News of this [...]

MYOSTATIN & RAPAMYCIN2023-06-13T02:13:41+02:00

IFBB Ftiness Challenge Course in Mongolia


IFBB Ftiness Challenge Course in Mongolia Dr. Sadegh Hashemi, President of the Commission of the new and active modality of the IFBB FITNESS CHALLENGE, gave a course for the training of judges of this modality in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. All students have enjoyed the course and spent a few days of great activity and passion for sport. Dr. Sadegh Hashemi  has extensive experience as a judge in all IFBB categories and his teachings will have greatly helped the training of Fitness Challenge professionals in the country, contributing to the development of this sport in Mongolia. [...]

IFBB Ftiness Challenge Course in Mongolia2023-05-29T23:28:11+02:00

Personal Trainer Course in Kish Island, Iran


Personal Trainer Course in Kish Island, Iran Professor Mauricio de Arruda Campos (a true reference in the world of bodybuilding), director of the IFBB Education and Research Commission, visited Iran to teach a personal training course in Kish Island Iran. In Iran, bodybuilding is the second most practiced sport and the athletes are of a very high level, having several IFBB world champions. Professor Mauricio had a super welcome from the IFBB Academy Iran students here on Kish Island. More than 100 students enjoyed learning during the 3 days that they shared with such an illustrious lecturer. The diploma [...]

Personal Trainer Course in Kish Island, Iran2023-05-29T23:08:31+02:00

Fitness beef burger


Fitness beef burger ingredients 200 g ground beef 1 onion ¼  cup chopped fresh basil, cilantro or parsley salt, pepper to taste Other ingredients:  whole-wheat burger buns, slice of cheese, lettuce, slices of tomate, slices of red onion. preparation Chop your onions and herbs. Put all your ingredients together in a big bowl. Mix thoroughly with your hands — get right in there! Heat a pan on medium-high until it gets hot. You shouldn’t need to add any oil. Put the meat in pan. Cook 6 minutes per side to let it brown on the bottom. Now stack a [...]

Fitness beef burger2023-06-12T20:26:38+02:00



SHOULDER and ARM day Until not too many years ago, talking about arm and shoulder training for women seemed a taboo topic. Women used to exercise their glutes and legs with great intensity, also their waists and a little bit of chest, limiting themselves, that is, to a few sets of flyes performed at very low intensity. But now, the general democratization in training has arrived. Free weights have become compulsory, because they are essential to improve physical condition and add strength and functionality. Competitions in Fitness-related sports currently group more women than men. Therefore, shoulders and arm workouts [...]

SHOULDER and ARM day2023-03-22T10:51:52+02:00

Many of today’s tycoons refuse to get old


"Many of today's tycoons refuse to get old" THIS IS THE TAKE ON AGEING OF SOME OF THE MOST RICH AND POPULAR MEN OF THE MOMENT In case you didn’t know, now you do. The annual list of the richest people in the world published by FORBES magazine includes fewer and fewer owners of large traditional companies. Among the top ten of the world there are no longer names belonging to oil companies, car companies or giant food chains; no Ford, General Motors, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Carrefour or Cadbury’s. All the supreme tycoons of today [...]

Many of today’s tycoons refuse to get old2023-03-16T08:27:19+02:00

BUTYRIC Acid, Healthy Intestines


BUTYRIC Acid, Healthy Intestines You may not have heard much about this molecule, but very soon we’re sure to hear more and more about it. This is due to the properties of Butyric acid that are currently being discovered. WE’D LIKE TO INTRODUCE butyric acid by saying that it’s the shortest fat chain of all. The chain is composed of 4 carbon atoms, which establish their molecule length as a short chain Fatty Acid. In human nutrition, so far we know only of three of their kind: butyric acid, propionic acid and acetic acid. This characteristic makes [...]

BUTYRIC Acid, Healthy Intestines2023-03-15T12:38:22+02:00

Negative emotions


Negative Emotions We have all felt negative emotions  at some point in our lives: jealousy, anger, envy or resentment. The discomfort generated by these negative emotions is momentary, but the thought patterns that have generated them tend to be permanent, as is the damage we cause onto ourselves and onto others. If we don’t put effort into trying to modify these thought patterns, we will continue to generate the same situations and bad feelings. Negative emotions imply lack of adequate behavioural choices and the presence of limited mental schemes. Negative emotions are obstacles in the way of our self-realization [...]

Negative emotions2023-03-12T14:37:53+02:00

Food of the month: OCTOPUS


Food of the month: OCTOPUS A FOOD BOTH DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUSThe octopus is a boneless sea animal known as the chameleon of the ocean due to its ability to change shape and colour. It has long been considered a mysterious and legendary creature, whose special kind of anatomy is sometimes linked to great size that has terrified sailors into telling horrific tales about gigantic specimens capable of engulfing entire ships, merchandise, passengers and all, holding them by meter long tentacles.Yet this prodigious cephalopod has also proven to be a very healthy food source, as it is made up [...]

Food of the month: OCTOPUS2023-03-12T14:21:04+02:00

Meat Muffins


Meat Muffins ingredients 300 g beef mince 2 tbsp oat bran 50 ml skimmed milk 1 egg salt and pepper to taste preparation Pour oat bran with milk and leave to 20 min. Then mix all ingredients together and place to small silicome forms. Bake about 40 min in pre - heated oven 180C. nutritional values (per 100gr.) CALORIES: 140.6 Kcal. FAT: 6.3 gr. PROTEIN: 15.9 gr. CARB: 5.8 gr.

Meat Muffins2023-03-12T14:05:22+02:00


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