4 TIPS that will keep you from loathing your TUPPER-MEALS

Categories: NUTRITIONPublished On: January 15th, 2024

Carrying your meals around with you in a Tupperware is almost a must for any competing athlete or hardcore Bodybuilding enthusiast. Nutrition is half our sport, and therefore cannot be neglected, not even for a single day, nor any of your daily 5 to 7 meals. Nonetheless, monotony might become your worst enemy when it comes to choosing calories and perfectly balanced immediate principles (Proteins-Carbs-Fat) in every meal.

These little ideas might make it easier for you to prepare your daily meals and carry them with you in your gym bag and to your place of work.

  1. Add colour to your food:

To be able to enjoy what we eat, we have to start by enjoying what we see. That’s why it’s so important to play with colours in our recipes, plus: it will also have an effect on the taste. Prepare your meals adding different tones of colour, and making sure you throw in all the right nutrients. Add spices like pepper (black), curry (yellow), paprika (red) or dill (green).

  1. Play with textures to surprise your palate

Our taste buds don’t only tire from repetitive tastes, but also from always feeling the same textures. Therefore, you should add crunchy touches to your meals, such as nuts and dried fruits (muesli, peanuts, walnuts, etc.) or raw vegetables (celery, green beans, slices of cucumber…). To this crunchy texture you might add an extra contrast, such as a dollop of skimmed, lactose-free yogurt, coconut chips or grated dark chocolate.

  1. Choose or make the right dressing.

There’s nothing wrong about adding the right dressing to a healthy meal. Not only does it help us not to end up loathing what we eat, it may even provide us with some extra nutrients.
Nowadays, you can find several dressings and sauces in the grocery store that add a nice finishing touch to a meal otherwise quite bland, without adding too many calories, sodium or trans fats. Nonetheless, the best option is always for you to make your own dressing, starting, for instance, with a base of skimmed yogurt, when you want to add a creamy touch to your salad or your pasta bowl. Another useful base is extra virgin olive oil, which can be combined with Modena vinegar, spices or lemon juice to create the perfect dressing.

  1. Get inspiration from other cultures

When it comes to food, the unknown is always appealing, and therefore, our Tupperware meals may turn out very interesting indeed if we dare to experiment with recipes inspired in food traditions from other cultures.

Our Mediterranean dishes could occasionally be switched for recipes with touches of fresh dill and smoked fish, Nordic style. Also, a rice dish will suddenly turn exotic and compelling with the colour and taste of spices from Arabic or Hindi origin, such as cumin or curry, or Oriental seasonings, such as ginger and soy sauce (sodium low), which are also ideal to season fish dishes.