Post Graduate Course: Explosive and plyometric training specialist

The Postgraduate Certificate in Explosive and Plyometric Training Specialization is an advanced program designed to equip fitness and sports professionals with specialized knowledge and skills in designing, implementing, and managing explosive and plyometric training programs. This course delves into the science, theory, practical applications, and safety considerations associated with these high-intensity training methodologies.

  • Course Objectives: By the end of this program, students will:
  • Program Design: Learn to create safe and effective explosive and plyometric training programs tailored to different sports, fitness levels, and goals. Develop the ability to manipulate variables such as volume, intensity, frequency, and exercise selection.
  • Exercise Selection: Identify and classify a wide range of explosive and plyometric exercises, from basic to advanced, including depth jumps, bounding, medicine ball throws, and more.
  • Integration into Training Programs: Learn how to integrate explosive and plyometric training into broader training programs, considering the needs of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals with various goals.
  • Applied Practical Experience: Gain hands-on experience by designing, implementing, and evaluating real-world explosive and plyometric training programs in a variety of contexts.


  • Hourly charge: 4- 6 hours
  • Suitable public: Only for Graduates of Personal Trainer, Advanced Trainer and Master Certifications
  • Language: English
  • Certificate: Internationally recognized
  • Course material: Files in PDF format that can be printed or viewed on the screens and VIDEO recorded lessons.
  • All educational material for this course is the property of the IFBB COLLEGE