Since the beginning of time, man has wondered why he grows old and eventually dies. Until now nobody could answer this question. However, in recent decades a leading group of ideological geneticists has begun to give some accurate-looking answers. Their experiments are authentic and have produced ever-stronger evidence.

Aubrey De Grey, a leading expert in this field, believes there are some people alive today who will still be alive in the year 3000. Is this possible? Maybe. How could it be achieved? He suggests the answer lies in learning about the seven components of anti-ageing that can enhance health and vitality and help us to delay, mitigate or reverse the natural process of ageing. De Grey and a growing number of researchers are convinced that ageing and death are nothing more than another human disease that can be cured.

Although this statement seems difficult to accept, the field of science dedicated to fighting old age is not new. Indeed it may even be one of the oldest and most advanced. It began with the alchemists who, through their chaotic research in search of the philosopher’s stone and the panacea, stumbled across numerous chemical compounds and medicinal plants. Thus the quest began in the bronze age in China and in the ancient Egyptian empire. Since then four thousand years have passed in the fight against the alleged irreversibility of old age and death.
De Grey, an English scientist, defines ageing as “a series of cumulative effects derived from our metabolism that, sooner or later, end up killing us”. He expands: “A series of cumulative changes in the cellular and molecular structure of an adult organism result in essential metabolic processes that, after sufficient progress lead to metabolic disorders, eventually leading to disease and death.”

IS THERE A CURE FOR OLD AGE? WILL IT HAPPEN SOON? SENS is an acronym for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence and refers to those engaged in the study of the engineering of old age. It is a new science that aims to eliminate the kind of changes previously mentioned in order to stop the “metabolic catastrophes” and ensure they never get so far to cause disease and death. It differs from the approach of traditional geriatrics in that it is not about trying to slow down the ageing process but instead aims to REJUVENATE the tissues, to make the organism almost immune to the effects of old age (or at least as much as possible).
Under-pinning their ideas are the seven reasons why we age and die. These can be divided into two: the visible aspects and the hidden aspects that happen below the surface. Finding remedies for these form the basis of SENS.
People like us who love the health and fitness lifestyle know full well that increased vitality, performance and energy or a more youthful appearance depends largely on our attitude towards life and being active. The key to it is CONTROL OF STRESS, HEALTHY FOOD AND INTENSE EXERCISE. This forms the basis of SENS. Now lets look at the “7 deadly sins of the body”, as some wise men call them. We may not know exactly what causes these problems but we know the damage they cause.

  • 1

    CELL LOSS AND CELL ATROPHY, notably in the skeletal and cardiovascular systems.

  • 2

    DIVISION-OBSESSED CELLS, the most deadly of which is cancer. This happens when the telomeres, which are the caps at the ends of chromosomes, fail to duplicate, which leads to apoptosis or programmed cell death.

  • 3

    CELL DETERIORATION.  This refers to when the cells no longer divide and the telomeres shorten, producing joint, immune and diabetic degeneration that lead to old age and eventually death.

  • 4

    MITOCHONDRIAL MUTATIONS. Mitochondria exist in every cell of the body except red blood cells. When they become dysfunctional it leads to disorders that prevent repair and causes progressive cell degeneration.

  • 5

    ACCUMULATION OF CELLULAR WASTE that can not be digested and stored inside the cells, which in turn produces a series of chronic degenerative diseases.

  • 6

    ACCUMULATION OF WASTE PRODUCTS OUTSIDE THE CELLS – for example indigestible and immovable harmful protein, such as the amyloid plaques of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • 7

    LOSS OF FIRM CELLULAR BONDS, due to not enough of them forming, which causes tissue to lose its elasticity. This leads to diseases in the arteries and eyes and reduces the skin’s firmness.

We’ll discuss all this in the next issue. The fact that there are now a greater percentages of fit and active people who look good at older ages shows that this is already becoming a reality.

This trend is likely to continue and there are already assurances that internal and external rejuvenation will be available for those who have not yet reached fifty years old and even for some older people. In any case, the guru RAEL has promised to resuscitate those who have already died. And some claim that this idea is more than science fiction.